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High quality polypropylene measures that meet FDA standards.

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Select from the sizes below to find a
plastic scoop that best fits your needs:

.5cc 11cc 47cc 94cc
.625cc 12cc 48cc
1cc 13cc 50cc
1.25cc 14.79cc 53cc 4oz
1.5cc 15cc 53L 5oz
1.7cc 16cc 55cc 6oz
2cc 18cc 60cc 7oz
2.5cc 20cc 63cc 8oz
3cc 23cc 67cc 16oz
3.5cc 25cc 68.5cc 80oz
4cc 26.5cc 70cc Double End
5cc 29 cc 73cc Scoops:
6cc 29.6cc 75cc 1.25+14.7cc
6.5cc 32cc 77cc 5+14.7cc
7.5cc 33cc 80cc
8.5cc 35cc 82cc
9cc 39cc 85cc
10cc 43cc 90cc

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